OmniFocus 2 App Reviews

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Finally satisfied with a productivity app

When you finally get it the way you want it to, its truly irreplaceable

Worth Every Cent

Im now using OmniFocus on my phone, iPad, Mac, and apple watch. It has seriously revolutionized my productivity. Ive spent money on other apps and systems and nothing has come close to this. I finally found THE system that works for my life with so many different to-dos in so many different areas of life. After months of use, it is a life changing app The apple watch app work. Entries made go to the inbox where you can later organize. The inbox is perfect to dump a quick task in and get it off your mind without even needing to grab the phone or take too long. I can organize and refine later. Syncing with other iOS or Mac devices is so easy and works well. I cannot recommend this highly enough.

Love the app! 5 stars+

The current version my today widget and watch is broken. It used to work perfectly.

Love it!

I love OmniFocus. I have it on all my Apple devices. It really is a great task manager, but dont waste your money if you are willing to invest some time into a system that will work for you. Ive tried several times to get OmniFocus to work for me through different research of GTD. Definitely takes some trial and error to find your right style but once you do it is incredible how productive you can be. OmniFocus really works well for me.

Honestly Honest.

App Review: OmniFocus for iOS First and foremost, I love this app. A lot. It has helped me manage my hectic academic and work life in a way that almost feels like second nature. Im an honors/AP high school student and CTO at a small local company, so the tasks pile up quick. But with the simplistic setup Ive made and the GTD philosophy built into the app, I can manage all of them beautifully. But to be honest with you, using something like this doesnt start out as second nature. Be honest with yourself. Have you ever managed your tasks (and in short, the actions that constitute your life) electronically? Or, like my wonderful language arts teacher, do you outline your day and the necessary tasks therein on an endless menagerie of sticky-notes? Realistically, neither method is right or wrong. But if you, like my teacher, prefer the "good ol pen and paper", this app is going to need adjusting to. Sticky notes are by no means the epitome of organization, nor do they sit at the forefront of technology. But deep down, they provide the framework on which his app functions. Previously, one might adhere those crazy yellow sheets on the edges of a monitor, the palm-rest on of laptop, amidst the ever-changing landscape of a whiteboard, or perhaps across the wide expanse that is subjectively known as a working surface. But in OmniFocus, sticky notes are enriched by detail, functionally enhanced with parameters, and neatly categorized among contexts and coherent projects. Thats all the tasks are; sticky notes meet iOS. Sound complicated? It is. Kind of. And only at first. If you are wanting to take the step into the wonderful platform that is iOS, and see how its brilliant patrons can make your life and the tasks within it more organized and, simply put electrified, you wont find much better than OmniFocus. Take the plunge, spend a good amount of time making it yours (seriously, the experience is hinged on the initial setup, so for your own betterment, brain dump EVERYTHING. The movie youve been meaning to watch, that rattle in your dashboard, the eggs you forgot to buy last week, the missing link in your understanding of quantum physics; EVERYTHING), and give it a shot. If you are anything like my language arts teacher, itll change your life as it did hers.


I have used pretty much every to do app there is and nothing comes close to giving me what Omnifocus does. All the other apps I have tried always end up as a pile of crap that makes me frustrated. Omnifocus keeps much organized and, well focused. The only downsides are it is complicated and helps if you already have a GTD like system. Also you really do need the Mac app also if you want to get the full benefit of the system.

One Powerful App

This is probably the best task app that there is on the market. I’ve tried many of the others out there, but OmniFocus is the best of them all. Sure some of the others are cheaper and some of the others have features that I wish OmniFocus had. On the other hand, OmniFocus is stable and powerful and has many more features than some of the others. Combines with the Mac app it is even better. The sync is pretty flawless and he’s never been a problem for me - I am using the OmniSync service. It may have a bigger learning curve than the others, but there are plenty of videos and articles out there to guide you along. The downloadable manual is also a big help, and something none of the other apps provide.

Surprisingly great

I wasnt sure what I was getting into, but something about Omnifocus for iPad is just a perfect combination. I figured that itd be underused in the device ecosystem, but Im beginning to think that – even more than desktop or phone – iPad will be my primary omnifocus device.

Why so few reviews on current (2.14.1) upgrade?

I rely heavily on OmniFocus, and usually wait until theres a solid base of reviews on any new update. Does any one know why they arent appearing? The OF community is knowledgeable and involved. By now there should be hundreds....

Keeps My Life Running

I have been an Omnifocus user since 2007, and I still use it every single day. The phone app is great for capturing to-do items as they come to mind, and I love the location based reminders. This app is the glue that holds my personal and professional life together. Its absolutely the best value of any app on my phone.


Have been using OF for years. version 2 is a great build on version 1. A must have if you run projects or simply have a busy life!

Good apps but not productive enough

Best of its kind but not productive enough. Now iPad so powerful when software to be on Par. To me what ’s missing compare to mac release : . Edit multiple actions at once ( project ,context , due date etc.. ) . Duplicate project ( template for similar ) . Notes display right below each actions or at least kind of third panel with inspector feature. nice to have : Save + working with BT Keyboard . thanks

Excellent !!!

Ok, i had to pay (again...) while Ive already purchased 3 versions... iPhone V2, iPad V2 and OSX V2. But this new universal app 2.1.1 is just ... a piece of art ! I like very much the new Forecast bar on which i can now directly select the right day. Also the personalization of the menu with my preferred perspectives. Great job guys, im using omnifocus everyday on my Macbook + iPhone 6 plus. Keep up the great work !!!

Defer tasks and Review feature are the best and nearly exclusive features of OF in the crowd of task

Expensive but worth it in my opinion The two features above are really game changers in the Task Management crowd. The Review features is critical for me because it forces me to go through all the tasks in all of my projects on a regular basis. It avoids having stuff lost in dark corners. For the rest, the classic task management part of the feature is great of course. And I do not like web platforms my self, so I am very happy with OF. Another very useful feature is the Perspective feature that allow you to have a specific and powerful filter on all your tasks (based on project, context, key word, dates, etc...). In fact, Omnifocus is so good that it took over some of the things that I used to do with Evernote. For instance, it became my brain dump for all ideas I have on my mind. And, on the Mac software, it is quite easy to link any task to Evernote notes, Finder folder or files.

Omnifocus 2

Very good app ! Thanks for your work.


Rebuté par le prix au départ. Mais de nouvelles fonctions au boulot me le rendaient indispensables. Je dois dire que je ne suis pas déçu du tout. Synchro problématique sur l’AppleWatch, réglé grace à une restauration iPhone et AW. Parfait!!!! First, I was concerned by the price. But since I’ve got new responsibilities in the University, it was almost mandatory to buy it. I’ve to admit it’s a must!!! Even though, I’ve got some issues with the AW. But the Omnifocus team helped me to fix it!!! Super worth the price!!!!!

The perfect...

... GTD App.

Pro-Upgrade cant be unlocked

can´t unlock pro-upgrade because omnifocus 1 has been removed from the app store. can´t reinstall it because i haven´t kept a local copy. thats not very user-friendly

No Today-Add

Still no Add New in today-widget :(

Omnifocus 2 works great with Apple’s Watch

I am pleased that without any problems as soon as I set up my Apple Watch with my iPhone the OmniFocus application started to work immediately. The screen layout on the Watch is nearly perfect, not too much clutter and is easy to read. OmniFocus is for me the best non-Apple application available for the Watch from iTunes.

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